The National Class E Scow Association will help offset your expenses to attend a designated regatta. If grant of money will make the difference between not going and participating in one of the following regattas:


  1.  ILYA Invitational
  2.  Western Michigan Invitational
  3.  Western Michigan Championship
  4.  Eastern Championship
  5.  ILYA Championship
  6.  National E-Scow Championship

Application Due Date (3 weeks prior to the regatta)

  1.  June 18
  2.  June 27
  3.  July 15
  4.  July 9
  5.  July 26
  6.  Aug 20 (May 20th for 2020 Nationals)

your National E Class wants to help and encourage your participation.

The grant is intended for young skippers under the age of 30, with at least one other crew under 30, that could seriously use some financial help to participate in a regatta this coming season. We have outlined the goals and requirements for the Regatta Participation Grant Fund. Please review the grant details and start the process early so you can meet the deadline.

The grant application needs to be submitted by the due date specified above for the regatta you are applying for. Please complete an application below:

Email or US-mail the application form to:

1027 Tarrant Drive
Fontana, WI 53125

The NCESA hopes to see more young skippers on the starting line in 2021 and beyond!

If you would like to Donate to this program to help these young people participate in a regatta - your support is encouraged and welcome.