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Ranking Champion & Road Warrior Recognition

Lon Schoor
At the end of the season there are two awards presented to the National Ranking Champion. This person had the best 3 regatta combination for the year. Not all regattas are equal and the more important events get some bonus points. 
The top 10 are:
Rank Sail# Skipper
1 BH-8 Russell Lucas
2 I-49 Brian Porter
3 LE-73 Jeff Bonanni
4 I-2 Vincent Porter
5 I-9 Peter Strothman
6 H-7 Lon Schoor
7 SC-55 Robert Wilkins
8 M- 10 David Strothman
9 T-17 Chad Hillyer
10 X-20 Peter Maas
The Road Warrior is the person who accumulated the most point for the season. It pays to go to lots of regattas.
 Rank  Sail #  Name
1 H-7 Lon Schoor
2 LE-73 Jeff Bonanni
3 I-49 Brian Porter
4 I-2 Vincent Porter
5 SL-4 Brett Hatton
6 I-9 Peter Strothman
7 H-88 Phil Zalog
8 M- 10 David Strothman
8 SC-55 Robert Wilkins
9 BH-8 Russell Lucas
10  V-37  Augie Barkow