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2019 National Championship at Muskegon MI
Provide funds to support a world class event that includes the best possible race management team, interviews and Q&A sessions for immediate race feedback and a great learning experience, socials to build and encourage camaraderie where news and new ideas can be shared.
Youth Regatta Participation Grant Fund
The NCESA wants to encourage those members under 30 who are in need of some financial help to attend major regattas. We have established a committee to review grant applications to ensure the young candidates we support are in need of assistance and will meet the goals we have outlined for this grant.

**Increase the number of skippers under the age of
30 to attend these six regattas:

NCESA National E Championship regatta,
Eastern E-Scow Championship regatta,
WMYA Championship regatta,
Western Michigan E-Invite regatta,
ILYA E-Scow Championship regatta,
ILYA E-Invite regatta.

**Turn our young skippers into lifelong E-Scow sailors.

**Provide an opportunity for young skippers to gain the experience and knowledge to improve their racing results.

**Continue to grow the E-Fleet locally and nationally with young members to
NCESA Foundation
The NCESA, as a non-profit charitable organization, has established a Fund that is designed to support, enrich, and promote E-Scow sailing to strengthen and expand fleets across all regions. Grant proposals are submitted to the NCESA Foundation Grant Committee for recommendation to the NCESA Board of Directors for Foundation funding.

• Provide discounts & scholarships to youth E-Scow racing teams.
• Annually expand E-Scow racing & membership
• Add new E-Scow fleets thru promotion, training, mentoring, coaching, etc.
• Monitor & introduce ideas to enrich E-scow sailing to sustain long term class growth
• Unite the membership in achieving association goals by using the best media communication methods available
• Create a fun environment for E-Scow sailing to involve the entire family
• Partner with efforts to protect the environment