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100 Year Logo

JOIN the NCESA with a Centennial Membership ($30)

Help support the NCESA and join with us as we celebrate our 100th year in 2023. This membership will be good from your join date through December 31, 2023. You will enjoy benefits such as: class emails and updates, Annual Reporter (thru Feb 2024), first access to 100 year gear, 2023 celebration updates and information, access to member database so you can connect with your old friends, No boat owner or sailing is required. (There are NO voting privileges'.)
Click on link below to sign up.

Click here to join as a Centennial Member

Enroll Your Friends for Centennial Membership

Do you have friends and teammates from years past that would enjoy being a Centennial Member?  You can sign them up for a Centennial Membership, and also encourage them to "pay-it-forward" for their friends. This will get many of our past members re-engaged for the anniversary celebration!

Simply send an email with the name of the people you would like to enroll, as well as corresponding email addresses to and you will receive a return email soon with instructions to complete the membership(s).

Donate to the E-100 Fund

The E-Scow Class is turning 100 year old in 2023! Many people have had the fabric of their spare time intertwined with the class, filled with great memories, friendships and incredible competition. The celebration committee has established the E-100 fund and are seeking contributions. The hope is that every boat owner and sailor will donate at the level that seems right, to be part of the legacy.

The initial purpose of the fund is to pay for the creation of an incredible E Scow coffee table book written by Gary Jobson. Upon publication, later this summer, there will be copies available for purchase. The proceeds from the sale of the book will go back into the fund. The second purpose of the fund is to support celebratory events leading up to, and including the National Championship regatta in 2023.

It is important to note the E-100 fund remain separate from the regular funds used to manage the class association. In early 2024, the remaining E-100 funds will be transferred into a professionally managed endowment. The NCESA will decide upon a grant committee to utilize approximately 5% of the endowment on an annual basis, with a growth goal of 8%. This will ensure the funds will be available in perpetuity. Exact use of the endowment will likely evolve over time, but current goals include:

Enhance current fleets and work to add new ones
* Create an annual list of targe fleets for NCESA to focus on
* Create documentation on who to grow fleets from established fleets and help smaller clubs implement
* Conduct live Seminars
* Creat annual invitational regatta, open only to boats in small or newer fleet, beginning with boat speed seminar
Promote women to join and race in the fleet
* Hold specific regatta for female drivers only
* Hold regatta with minimum 50/50 mix to encourage more female participation
* Conduct clinics around these regattas, and crewing clinics from females at large events
Embrace technology for member education and race management
* Utilize evolving capabilities to identify OCS boats in large events
* Create high quality instructional videos using Go Pro (or similar) for all aspects of E sailing
* Annual research and decision on level of instrumentation allowed to be used in regattas
* Improve capabilities for website and social media communications
Maintain the high quality of the National Championship trophies
* Annual assessment of needed repairs and other maintenance
* Maintaining crates holding trophies

Two ways to contribute (in order of preference):
1) Make check payable to 'National Class E Scow Association' and send with brief description to:
     NCESA, 1027 Tarrant Drive, Fontana, WI 53125

2) For credit card contributions:
      Click here to donate to the E-100 Fund

We want to finish our fund raising campaign and requests as soon as practical, so we would love for you to consider this today and help us reach our 100% participation, and $300k goal quickly. Send questions or comments to Russ Lucas at Thank you for your consideration!

Share your stories, memories and photos!

We are asking all our E Scow supporters to submit their stories, memories and photos to our 100 Year planning team. All information that is shared will be used during our 2023 Centennial Celebrations. The more you share, the better the party will be!

Please send your submissions to:

Thank you!