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HomeNews - 2019 Season
Draft 2020 Calendar is posted
Published on: 9/20/2019
There is a draft 2020 calendar posted on the website that needs your input if you know that the dates or locations are wrong. Please send me the correct information so the regatta calendar can be made accurate as soon as possible
NCESA's RC Trailer Wrapped in Cool Graphics
Published on: 9/18/2019
A BIG thank you to Jay Rendall, Hannah Noll and Steve Bernstein for providing the terrific photos to wrap the new RC Equipment trailer.
2019 National Ranking Championship Results
Published on: 9/17/2019
2019 National Ranking Championship Results
2019 National E-Scow Road Warrior Results
Published on: 9/17/2019
2019 National E-Scow Road Warrior Results
2019 Award Winners at National championship Regatta
Published on: 9/13/2019
19 Award Winners at National championship Regatta
Brian Porter Wins his 9th E National Championship !!!!!!!!!
Published on: 9/12/2019
Congratulations to Brian Porter, RJ Porter, Colin Rowe, and Annie Rowe
On-line Shop Set Up for 2019 E National Apparel
Published on: 9/12/2019
From CoralReef Apparel: Thank you again for inviting us out to beautiful Muskegon Lake for the event. It seemed like everyone had a great time, and loved the apparel that was provided. We have set up an on-line shop for people to order any items that we may have run out of during the event. If you could kindly pass the link along to the competitors and class members, we would be greatly appreciative.
2019 E Blue Chip Mystery Guest
Published on: 9/12/2019
2019 E Blue Chip Mystery Guest
2019 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes
Published on: 9/12/2019
2019 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes
Published on: 8/14/2019
The latest E-Scow Tuning Guide (2019)
A member indicated he could only see an older version on-line, ,so we are including it here.
130 boat E-Scow regatta - twenty years ago today
Published on: 7/24/2019
It’s the summer of 1997. The camera pans across a lonely stretch of America’s vast interstate highway system somewhere on the vast landscape of Minnesota or Wisconsin. It zooms in on a late-model SUV towing a trailer with a curious object stealthily wrapped in canvas. Above the relentless drone of eight Michelin radials spinning across 12 inches of reinforced concrete we begin to make out the conversation. “If those guys could get eighty boats at their regatta, it’ll be a snap for us to get 100 boats on Mendota...” In the fading daylight, the camera pans to the front seat where we discover this pair of smart talking sailors, Lon Schoor and Hugh Sugar. They didn’t know it then but they were on their way to a wondrous destination. Not a dimension of time or of mind but a fabulous world of fiberglass, water and Dacron. Look, there’s a signpost up ahead! Your next stop-- Lake Mendota and the largest one-design regatta in history... Theme music fades up....
Lon to Retire as Secretary-Treasurer
Published on: 6/1/2019
Lon to Retire as Secretary-Treasurer
2019 E National Social and Meal Plan
Published on: 4/30/2019
2019 E National Social and Meal Plan
Grant for Skippers under 30 to Participate in a Regatta
Published on: 4/17/2019
The National Class E Scow Association will help offset your expenses to attend a designated regatta. If grant of money will make the difference between not going and participating in one of the following regattas:

ILYA Invitational
Western Michigan Invitational
Western Michigan Championship
Eastern Championship
ILYA Championship
National E-Scow Championship

your National E Class wants to help and encourage your participation.
E-Scow Clinic at Zenda University
Published on: 3/26/2019
Zenda University E-Scow Clinic on May 17th for the first 10 E-Scows registered. This is the day before the start of the Geneva Spring Regatta.
Grand Lake Colorado History
Published on: 2/26/2019
Here is some fun Grand Lake Colorado YC history from an old REPORTER magazine from 1969.
Grand Lake is hosting their famous Western Shootout Regatta on June 29-30.
See details in the article ....
New Communication Directors
Published on: 3/3/2019
Commodore Brett Hatton Introduces two new Communication Directors in a letter to the membership.