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Home2015 NY State Championship Leg 1 - Report

2015 NY State Championship Leg 1 - Report


Very light breezes on both Saturday and Sunday made for a two race regatta, both races being completed on Saturday after-noon. Despite the wind, the Home and Home Regatta was a huge success. The dinner was well attended, and there were great reviews of the cuisine prepared by Chef Mike from Lakeside Restaurant. The party went on well into the 11th hour and everyone had a wonderful weekend. Several comments were heard that it was one of the most fun events that they’ve been to for a while.


The racing left a lot to be desired. Most of Saturday was quiet waiting for the wind to fill in. Both ping-pong and euchre tournaments ensued and a pick-up game of Ultimate Frisbee rounded out the morning while an exploratory team consisting of the race committee, expert sailors, and voodoo wind doctors ventured up the branches looking for wind. With a random two-mile stretch of wind found in the west branch, the fleet set out and completed two successful races in the afternoon.


On Sunday, with everyone tired from the night before, we decided it best just to call off racing and lounge around the Club until lunch started. Also there was no wind.


Special thanks to the Race Committee, Ron & Linda Beyer, Chris Hawk, Maria Hudson with her famous lunch spread, and everyone else who helped make this event a success!