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News - 2013 Season

Cam Lewis Blue Chip Regatta Report
From what I could figure, all E Scows are very one design, One Builder, One Sail maker and very few differences between boats. Most boats have the newer launcher set up for the kites, ours did not. The races were not won or lost because one boat was tricked out better than any other. We had 17 boats, which for me was plenty big enough of a fleet to deal with.   Read >>
2013 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
The NCESA Board of Directors met on Saturday Nov 2. Click on 'Read'to get to the link for the pdf document.   Read >>
2013 NCESA Annual Membership Meeting Minutes
The Annual Membership Meeting is held at the Championship Regatta. Click on "Read" to see the minutes of the meeting that took place at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club.   Read >>
Velocitek Shift Compass
The new Velocitek Shift compass is legal to use in all E-scow events   Read >>
Runnie's Induction into Hall of Fame
Runyon Colie Jr was inducted to the National Sailing Hall of Fame this past weekend. I received the following pictures and stories from Ed Vienchowski.   Read >>
More 2013 E National Championship Photos
Tammy Sawyer has lots of photos from the 2013 E Championship Regatta   Read >>
Foiling sailboat on Mendota - circa 1950s
Foiling sailboat on Mendota - circa 1950s   Read >>
Brad Robinson presented Minnetonka Lifetime Achievement Award
The Minnetonka Yacht Club, of Deephaven, Minnesota, has given the Minnetonka Yacht Club Lifetime Achievement Award for 2013 to Brad Robinson.

Brad has been an active member of the Minnetonka Yacht Club since infancy. He served as sailing school instructor, Director, Treasurer, Fleet Captain, Protest Committee Chair, Commodore in 1974 and 1975, Sailing School President, and in many, many other posts. Brad also has numerous national scow championships in his win column, which we will not go into here, as that is not what this award is about.   Read >>
E National Pictures Available
I'm going to have them give the high res versions of the images to anyone that asks for them. If you want to spread the word that it's out there that would be great. Thanks, Peter Hurley (MA-11)   Read >>
A Special National Championship for Phil Mattison from Delavan
My Dad, Phil Mattison, is signed up for the E Nationals at Geneva. Most likely, at 81, he will be the oldest skipper.   Read >>
ILYA Championship Regatta - Mark Rounding Maps
Look at the gains and losses for the seven races of the ILYA Championhship Regatta.   Read >>
E National Championship - Sailing Instructions
The Sailing Instructins for the E National Regatta at Lake Geneva are now posted.   Read >>
2013 Keuka Pictures by Hutchings
At the beginning of the month I took pictures of the regatta on Keuka Lake. Below is a link to view and also pass along to your association/members. Great event! I grew up on Keuka and spent much of my time sailing Scows. I treasure pictures of all my boats, especially come January.

--Phil Hutchings   Read >>
Erik Bowers (M-11) wins the last race and the ILYA Championships
Erik Bowers (M-11) went into the last tied with Sam Rogers (M-42) and they battled it out finishing 1 and 2 in the last race and for the regatta   Read >>
Russ Lucas (BH-8) wins 2013 Down Bay Regatta against 27 boats
1. Russ Lucas
2. Bob Donat
3. John Brown
4. Jeff Bonanni
5. Bob Koar   Read >>
NCESA Championship Regatta - Addendum #1 to NOR
Three changes to the original NOR for the NCESA Championship Regatta   Read >>
2013 Annual Membership Meeting
The 2013 Annual NCESA Membership meeting will be held on Thursday September 5th at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club.   Read >>
Brett Hatton (SL-4) Wins the WMYA Championship Regatta
17 E-Scows competed in the 84th annual WMYA Championship regatta on White Lake. Going in to the 5th and last race only 2 points separated the top 4 boats. Brett Hatton with crew Chad Hough & Brian Toressen won the last race to retain his lead. Rob Terry (CR-66) passed couple of boats to finish second ahead of Doug McNeil (WH-111) and Tom Monroe (WH-77). Tom Monrow submitted the following regatta report on 8-8-2013   Read >>
Vincent Porter (I-2) Wins ECESA 8-Race Championship
Series final results are Top Master Dick Turner CH-5, Top Rookie and Top Woman Leigh Kempton IH-101, Top older boat Peter Hurley MA-11, 10th Leigh Kempton IH-101, 9th Bob Cole KU-9 (tiebreaker), 8th George Welch KU-1, 7th Peter Hurley MA-11, 6th Dick Wight MA-10, 5th John Brown SS-1, 4th Russ Lucas (tiebreaker) BH-8, 3rd Bobby Koar BH-22, 2nd Chad Hillyer T-17, and 2013 Eastern Champion Vincent Porter I-2.   Read >>
Sandy Riley wins the Richardson Regatta in Ontario
It was a fun and challenging event, since the race course was shared by 10 scows, about twenty Lasers, a couple 29ers, some 420s, several Opti's, and a keelboat thrown in for good measure. Special thanks go out to Jim Richardson and his family for sponsoring the regatta, along with the many volunteers that made it an excellent event. E- scow sailors are encouraged to keep their radar up and join us for next year's regatta. We would love to show off our club and beautiful Lake of the Woods in Ontario Canada.   Read >>
John Brown wins the Toms River Challenge Cup
John Brown (SS-1) and crew, Will and George Demand, won the 24 boat Toms River Challenge Cup on July 27. There were four races and team Blind Squirrel won with a total of 16 points.   Read >>
Ed Durant wins Carolina Open Regatta
6 E-Scows competed in the Carolina Yacht Club Open Regatta. Ed Durant (GA-8) was consistent with two 1st and three 2nds to win with 8 points total.   Read >>
2013 WMYA E Invite Winner is Rob Terry
Rob Terry wins the first three races on his way to victory for the 2013 WMYA E Invite regatta at the Crystal Lake Yacht Club in Michigan.   Read >>
ILYA 2013 Invite Regatta at Pewaukee
Vincent Porter, Harry Melges IV, Henry Rolander, and Clifford Porter win the ILYA E Invite for 2013. Vincent Porter (I-2) was leading Peter Strothman (I-9) by one point after three races on Saturday, No races Friday. Sundays race was abandon on the 8th of 10 legs when the win died. That cemented Vincent Porter, with a couple of talented young 12 year olds as crew, as the winner.   Read >>
ECESA Annual Meeting - 2013
2013 ECESA annual meeting agenda and minutes from the 2012 meeting.   Read >>
Runyon "Runnie" Colie Jr Inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame
Dennis Conner says his first boat was a Penguin. That was in 1955. “Runnie Colie was already a legend in the class,” Conner says. “I dreamed of beating him but it never happened.” Conner wasn’t the only one who failed. Colie won seven international titles between 1947 and 1962 in the Penguin, the hottest dinghy class at the time.   Read >>
Wawasee report by Bob Fanning, crew on the winning WA-22 yacht
The Wawasee Yacht Club has organized and held an E-Scow Regatta for the last 29 years. This year, 29 boats from 9 yacht clubs registered to compete.

A sailboat regatta requires much more than sailboats. This year, Terry Moorman and Kelly Queisser were the regatta co-chairs and they were assisted by dozens of WYC members.   Read >>
Russ Lucas and his team of Colleen Kelly, Mike Dutton and Clay Johnson won the Toms River Wanamaker
Russ Lucas and his team of Colleen Kelly, Mike Dutton and Clay Johnson won with 2,1,3. The fleet was all within a few points and this bodes well for the Eastern Fleet.

With the passing of yet another wild and crazy storm, the Toms River felt like an early fall day for 16 E Scows to race our last pre-season regatta.   Read >>
Kyle Rogachenko Wins Colie Bilgeboarder Regatta
There were 17 boats in near perfect conditions, surprisingly so considering we had tropical storm Andrea pass thru the night before. Winner was Kyle Rogachenko, who is sailing one of the Island Heights foundation grant boats this year. Kyle was 4th at the last US Laser trials.

The first four finishers had 9-10-11-12 points respectively. Very competitive stuff.   Read >>
Tillman logs a solid Day-Two to capture the Wawasee E Open Regatta title
Dick Tillman (WA-22) shows the everyone the way on his home lake of Wawasee at their annual E Open. With three races on the last day he started out with a first and second place.   Read >>
2013 Wawasee E Open - Day One
Phil Zalog wins his first regatta race, with crew bill Bock and Miles Clark. They did it the hard way moving through the 29 boat fleet, where they found themselves in the bottom half at the first mark rounding.   Read >>
Jeff Bonanni wins Toms River YC Tuneup
Short course drag racing in breezy conditions got the Toms River Tuneup Regatta off to some tight racing for the 15 teams attending.   Read >>
2013 Geneva Spring Regatta - Race One Mark Position Chart
Check out the graph of each boat at each mark rounding in race number one.   Read >>
Vincent Porter I-2 Wins Geneva Spring Regatta
Four light to medium races were completed at Lake Geneva. Some had their first race victories ever to talk about for years to come. One person in particular, I would mentions names I-49, probably had his worse race ever - never to be talked about again. In the end, everyone had a great time getting together to renew sailing friendships and kick off another fun season. Thank you Geneva Yacht Club members.   Read >>
George H. Drawbaugh passed away May 8, 2013
We are saddened to tell you that George H. Drawbaugh passed away May 8, 2013.   Read >>
IH Sailing foundation E-Scow Grant 2013 Winner
Kyle Rogachenko, 24, is a member of Toms River Yacht Club and has crewed sporadically in E-Scows on Barnegat Bay over the past few years. He is far better known for his long list of accomplishments as a singlehanded sailor, first in the Optimist Dinghy and then in the Laser Radial and Laser.   Read >>
Commodore's 2013 Letter to Members
A few highlights of things that are happening in the NCESA and a request to get involved by volunteering some of your time, skills and talents.   Read >>
2013 Charleston Easter Regatta
First reports are coming in from Charleston. 10 Boats racing but next year the push is on for 35 boats as they are building lots of new water front facilities to take care of all the launching with plenty of dock space. Start making your 2014 Easter plans. Its a two day regatta now but if a three day event would be more popular - let them know, they are open to a change to bring more E-Scow south at Easter time.   Read >>
Sarasota One Design Regatta - NOR
NOR   Read >>
$10 Fee for 'Crew' Membership Type
The NCESA website will change in the coming weeks to require a logon ID and password to access the full content of the site. New functionality will be added to the site including a Member Directory lookup. Below is an excerpt from the Directors meeting regarding a change in the ‘Crew’ type membership fee.   Read >>
Development Committee Report
This is an attachment to the Director’s meeting minutes

Dear Fellow Members,
Just wanted to share some information on what the Development Committee is discussing and contemplating. We continue to want to keep an eye on the horizon of what is coming for our class along with what is right in front of us. The stated purpose of this committee is included below   Read >>
No Rules Against Carbon Battens
Excerpt from Directors meeting: “Bill Nolden asked if carbon sail battens are allowed.   Read >>
No Change in Jib Measurement Template for 2012
“… The motion failed to pass.   Read >>
Conversion to Single Line Tack/Pole Out
Converting to a single line tack/pole out is quite easy and should take less than a few hours, even for those not mechanically inclined. Having one line allow the pole to fully extend on hoists and come in automatically when the kite is doused. You no longer have to worry about pulling the pole out partially. Step 1) install thru deck bushings – see images   Read >>
Hurricane Sandy – Peter Hurley’s Video of Mantoloking NJ
Our hearts go out to our Barnigate Bay E-Scow fleets as they took a direct hit of hurricane Sandy. Take a look at Peter's video of the damage   Read >>
2012 Board of Director Meeting Minutes
The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by Commodore Toby Sutherland. Toby expressed the feelings of everyone at the meeting when he related how shocked and saddened we are at the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. It was also a relief to hear everyone is safe. We looked at some videos of what happened in the Barnegat Bay area and were very concerned about what we saw. We want to help our members in Barnegat Bay. The NCESA has donated money to the Islands Height Sailing foundation in the past. This is an organization that provides a service to the whole Barnegat Bay area. They maintain three E-Scows that are supported by donations. Each year they make a grant of these boats to young skippers to use. This program has energized and promoted the growth of E-scow racing on Barnegat Bay. The NCESA Board of Directors has authorized a $2000 donation to the Island Heights Sailing Foundation to help them in their recovery from Hurricane Sandy.   Read >>
2012 BOD Meeting Agenda
A.Callto Order at 9:00 AM
B.Attendance– Introductions
C.Approvalof Minutes of Prior Meetings
D.OldBusiness – (Actions involvingexpenditures/decisions of the Officers since the last BOD meeting)
E.Reports1.RulesCommittee – Matt Schmidt1.Jibmeasurement & Headfoil
2.Centerlinehiking strap attachment

2.RegattaCommittee – Bill Wyman   Read >>