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80th Anniversary Regatta Results and Report


1st         Doug Johnson    T 15        1         1          2         4                    8 points

2 nd       Brian Gabriel      T 53        4         2          1         2                    9 points

3rd         Bruce Feakins    HO 35     2         7          3        1                    13 points

4th        Pat Flinn            HO 54      3        4           4         3                   14 points

5th        Chris Norman      HO 53      6        3          7         5                    21 points

6th        Bruce Heverly      HO 51     5         6          5         6                    22 points

7th        Jim Flinn             HO 45     7         5          6         7                    25 points

8th        Bob Restrick       HO 56     9         9          8        8                     34 points

9th        Mike Blair           HO 21     8         8          9        DNF                35 points


May 24-25, 2014

Race 1

A north breeze at 3-8knots allowed the race committee to set a 2 lap course running the length of the lake. The fleet split after the start with Doug Johnson (T-15), Bruce Feakins (HO-35) and Bruce Heverly (HO-51) tracing the East shore, while the rest of the fleet played the coves on the West shore. The East paid decidedly and those three boat lead by a healthy margin at the windward mark. Spinnaker troubles allowed Pat Flinn (HO-54) and Brian Gabriel (T-53) to slip past Heverly on the run as the boats held their positions through the second lap. Johnson, Feakins and Flinn were the top three boats.

Race 2

The up and down breeze from the North continued, this time with some more puffs from the West. Chris Norman (HO-53) lead at the windward mark, followed by Flinn and Heverly. During the run the breeze began to build and Johnson and Gabriel caught the leaders by the leeward mark. The second beat featured a brief rain storm accompanied by winds in the low teens, still from the North. Johnson managed to put some distance between himself and the fleet while Gabriel and Flinn traded positions between second and third. Gabriel was second at the last windward mark and held that position through the run to the finish. Norman made a late charge and grabbed third just before the finish. Johnson, Gabriel and Norman were the top three boats.

Racing was abandon for the day at 3pm. Saturday evening featured a clam bake and music by the band No Heroes. Marty Kane from the Lake Hopatcong Historical Society and the Lake Hopatcong Foundation gave a presentation on the history of E-Scow and Star boat sailing on Lake Hopatcong – which began in 1934. A great time was had by all.

Race 3

Sunday morning brought a puffy West wind at 8-12knots. The committee set a course through “The Slot”, which is known for land-mas created wind shifts and heavy power boat traffic. Gabriel held the lead at the first mark followed closely by Heverly. Feakins and Flinn followed next in third and fourth some distance back. Large changes in wind direct and velocity in each puff made it possible to gain – or lose huge amounts of distance on the runs. Gabriel stayed consistent up front while Feakins, Heverly and Flinn traded jibes on the run. Flinn rounded the leeward mark second, followed closely by Feakins. The fleet managed to mostly hold their positions on the second beat, with Gabriel rounding the windward mark out front, followed by Flinn and Feakins. The two Hopatcong boats battled most of the downwind while Heverly and Johnson – who came from a distant fifth - closed the gap. At one point, with approximately 200 yards to the finish Flinn, Feakins, Heverly, and Johnson were stack from leeward to windward. A last header allowed Johnson to jump from fifth to second and Feakins to hold onto third behind Gabriel’s first place finish.

Race 4

The start was won by Feakins at the boat. He hit the first two shifts perfectly and had developed a substantial lead half way up the first beat – one he would not relinquish. Heverly was second to the windward mark followed by Johnson, Gabriel and Flinn who all reached the mark at approximately the same time and Norman close behind. The run saw many changes in position as each boat took their turn in the puff. Gabriel reached the leeward mark in second followed by Flinn. Positions held through the second beat. On the final run of the regatta Gabriel made a late charge against Feakins which would have pushed him into a tie with Johnson for the regatta lead. Feakins held of Gabriel however, giving Johnson the regatta win. Gabriel was second for the race and the regatta. Feakins strong three-point day gave him third for the regatta.