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2014 E National Championships - Crystal Lake 










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Sailing Instructions



 Notice of Race

Regatta Venue

The regatta venue and host will be the Crystal Lake Yacht Club (CLYC) located at:

3491 Pilgrim Hightway, Frankfort, MI.       Phone:  (summer only)   (231)352-4691


Organizing Authority

The National Class E Scow Association (NCESA) is the Organizing Authority in cooperation with the Crystal Lake Yacht Club (CLYC).



The Regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.

The National Class E Scow Association (NCESA) By-Laws Articles V (Eligible Yachts), VI (Yacht’s Number), VII (Recognized Events), VIII (Rules for Recognized Events)  and IX (Trophies)  will apply and are available on the class web site.

NCESA documents Part V (Scantling Rules) will apply and are available on the class web site.

The Sailing Instructions (SI’s), including amendments, will take precedence in the case of a conflict with the Notice of Race (NOR).  This changes RRS 63.7.



Competitor advertising shall conform to the current ISAF Regulation 20 rules.



The Regatta is open to all yachts which meet the rules of NCESA, whose skipper is a

Active Owner or Regular Member of NCESA and whose sails and equipment comply with the Scantlings and By-laws of NCESA.  The ISAF Sailor Classification Code will not apply.


Each competitor shall complete their entry form, pay the entry fee and complete the on-site registration process to be eligible.


Each yacht must keep the same crew throughout the regatta.  Variation in crew from day to day will be accepted if declared at registration, and adhered to exactly.  In the event of an emergency, causing a crew person to be unable to continue sailing, a substitute crew may be used after obtaining the permission of the Race Committee Chairman (PRO) or the Regatta Jury.



Eligible boats may enter by going to the E-Scow website ( and completing the regatta’s online entry process and paying the required fees (online through our regatta management page called Yachtscoring). 


As part of the entry process on Yachtscoring, please submit your crew names (or go back in and complete this information at any time).  Crews must be identified for this event.  When crew names are added by the skipper, they will receive event announcements via e-mail (after a crew member has “opted in” to receive the event announcements)


The regatta entry fees are as follows:

$250 - if received by July 1, 2014.

$275 - if received by August 1, 2014

$300 - if received between August 1 – August 20, 2014.

$325 – if received after August 20, 2014

For skippers 25 years old or younger, the entry fee is $50. There is no late fee for youth entries.

On-Site Registration
On-site Registration will be held at CLYC, on:
Thursday, September 4th, 12:00 – 8:00 PM   and   Friday, September 5th, 7:45am – 8:30am. 


To complete on-site registration, competitors will need to present a “weight card” signed by an official NCESA measurer, provide crew names if not done so online and confirm that their entry form is complete and the entry fee is paid.  


Schedule of  Events

Thursday, September 4

12:00 – 8:00 Registration


Friday, September 5

  7:45 – 8:30 Registration 

  8:45 Skipper’s Meeting

11:00 Initial Warning Signal

  6:00 CLYC ‘Lean In’ dinner with Jonny Magambo

Saturday, September 6

  9:00 NCESA Annual Membership Meeting

11:00 Initial Warning Signal

  6:30 NCESA Banquet         


Sunday, September 7

10:00 Initial Warning Signal

After Racing Trophy Presentation

NCESA Annual Meeting

The NCESA Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Saturday, September 7th at 9:00am.


An Agenda will be sent to all Regular members one month before the NCESA Annual Meeting. See the NCESA Rulebook for details.  A proxy form will be available on the class website.


Race Format

Seven (7) races are scheduled. The Race Committee may run fewer races at its discretion and may make up a race on Sunday if needed.  There will be no more than three races held per day.


In the event races are held back to back, there will be a short break between the second and third race of the day to allow for a bathroom break.  The race committee will make an announcement over the VHF channel as to the timing of the Warning Signal for the third race of the day.


On the final day of the regatta, the Warning Signal for the final race will not be made after 1:00pm unless the required three races have not been completed.  If an additional race or races are needed to have three completed races, the Warning Signal for the last race may be made up to 2:00pm. 



VHF Radio will be used by the RC to communicate with competitors, on and off the water.  Additional instructions regarding radio communication will be included in the SI’s.

Sailing Instructions

The SI’s will be available at Registration and on the class website prior to the event.

Skipper’s Meeting

The Skipper’s Meeting will be held at 8:45am on Friday, September 5th, at CLYC.


Hull and Sail Requirements

Boats that bear a silver certified lead added label and white tamp-proof sticker shall not require weighing at the regatta site. Boats missing a weight certificate shall be weighed at the regatta as part of their registration.  Please make every effort to have your boat weight certified with the proper stickers in place before arriving at the regatta.  


Sails must contain a manufacturers serial number (or measurer’s serial number) and an NCESA Royalty Tag.


Use of Floatation Panels will be at the discretion of the Race Committee PRO based on each day’s forecast. Additional instructions regarding Floatation Panel notification will be included in the SI’s.


All safety equipment as required by the NCESA class rules shall be on board while racing.  Anchor and line is not required to be carried.


Racing Area and Courses

Racing will take place on Crystal Lake. 

The courses to be sailed will be a windward / leeward configuration as described in the SI’s.


Three (3) completed races are necessary to constitute a series.


The Low Point Scoring System of RRS Appendix A will apply with the following modifications:

a) When fewer than six races have been completed, a boat's series score will be the total of her race scores.


b) When six or more races have been sailed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores after throwing out her worst score.  This changes RRS A2.



Awards will be as specified in the NCESA By-Laws Article IX.  

Daily awards for race winners will be presented at the club following each day’s racing.  Service trophies will also be presented at the daily award ceremony(s).  The final awards presentation will occur as soon as possible after the conclusion of racing on Sunday.



Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance. 


Competitors participate in this regatta entirely at their own risk and are reminded to pay special attention to RRS 4, Decision to Race.


The Organizing Authority, Crystal Lake Yacht Club, Race Committee, Protest Committee, sponsors, volunteers, or any other affiliated organization or official accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, death or inconvenience incurred, in conjunction with the regatta, however caused.  By participating in this event, each competitor, or in the case of minors, each competitor’s parent or guardian, agrees to release the Regatta Organizers from any and all liability associated with such competitor’s participation in this event to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Amendments To This Notice

The Organizing Authority may amend this notice.  Amendments will be posted on the Official Notice Board at CLYC and if practical, posted on the NCESA regatta website. 


During the regatta, the Race Committee will also attempt to e-mail all announcements and amendments to the competitors.


There are numerous accommodation options in the area and these will be posted on the class website. 


Two hotels that will be offering E-Scow Nationals’ participants a special rate are:


Harbor Lights Resort on Lake Michigan

15 Second St., Frankfort MI 49635

800 346-9614

Mention: E-Nationals at Crystal Lake Yacht Club

Fall Rates plus 10% Discount.   June 1st Deadline for Reservations

Best Western Motel

1400 US Hwy 31, Beulah MI 49617  (11 Miles from CLYC - Located at the East end of Crystal Lake)


Fall Rates plus 20% Discount

Member Housing

Donna Phillips  -

For Further Information


Regatta Chairman: Rob Terry (810) 252-1458


Registration / Class Information: Lon Schoor (608) 347-1480


CLYC Sailmaster / Manager: Stuart Soule (912) 308-0018


Nationals PRO: Bruce Golison