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Host Club Guidelines/Requirements for the National Championship Regatta


Annually, the week of Labor Day in September, the Association will sponsor a National Championship Regatta.  The event will have seven races over three days, on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Registration and launching would take place on the day before racing starts (Thursday), and an hour before the competitors briefing on the first day of racing.


The regatta site will be rotated regionally.


In order to facilitate both the Association and local host club coordination, regatta bids are solicited and usually awarded two years in advance.  Information regarding the schedule is available from the Secretary of the Association.  Exceptions to the regional sequence are made to foster and encourage E boat sailing at various new sites around the country.  Organizations and clubs are encouraged to submit bids and invitations to the Secretary of the Association.


National Championship invitations are received, and regatta bids are awarded pursuant to these Guidelines.  In the event either the host organization or NCESA feel any of these provisions should be modified or may be inadequate for any particular site, it should be clearly presented in the invitation or award.  Otherwise, the bids and invitations are accepted pursuant to these provisions.  The host club timetable is provided as a suggested schedule of local club activities.  Particular attention is drawn to the June 1 responsibility, so that the necessary notices and advertising can be forthcoming from the Association.  The purpose of identifying these items is to preclude misunderstanding as to responsibility and relative obligation.  If there is any question, it should be directed at the earliest opportunity to the NCESA.


The host club should advise the NCESA at the time of bid, or immediately upon awareness, of any anticipated difficulty in meeting these responsibilities.

The NCESA will pay for all trophies with a budget of $3500. The Host club is responsible for getting appropriate one-time award trophies. Their suggestion for trophies must be approved by the NCESA (See Article IX – Trophies, for more explanation). 


The NCESA will set and collect the entry fees and membership fees for the participants in the regatta.  On site assistance to collect fee at the registration desk should be provided by the host.  Such fees will be collected in the name of the NCESA and become the property of the NCESA whether collected in advance or at registration.  The NCESA will provide advanced publicity in official notices and in its publications.  Local publicity will be the responsibility of the host club.  The NCESA will appoint the Judges and PRO. Race Committee personnel will be appointed in a coordinated effort with the PRO and host club. 


The NCESA will pay the sum of $6000 as a stipend to the host yacht club prior to the regatta and an additional $500 upon receipt of a final report and budget summary that is due 2 weeks before the Board of Directors meeting (First Saturday in November).  This sum is to defray expenses the club may incur in connection with the hosting the event, including but not limited to, costs of providing food for regatta officials, rental of cranes, fuel for committee boats, and similar items.

In as much as the variety of sites may range from a large public park to an established yacht club facility, local expenses may vary.  If this arrangement is not satisfactory, a proposed modification to the arrangement must be made at the time of the bid.  The regatta should not be run at a loss by the host club; on the other hand, it should not be undertaken as a significant profit maker.

NCESA Championship Social Media Regatta Guidelines

  • Social Media Coordinator needs to be a designated Committee of the event with a chair and members (or a part of the communications committee)


  • Use existing “NCESA” Facebook page to keep continuity of FB members that have previously “liked” the page. 


  • Find creative ways to get FB users to like the NCESA page.  The more “likes” the better.


  • Social Media Committee must update page with current year information, pictures, posts, sponsors logs, etc.


  • Posting should start ASAP, but I would suggest Jan 1 of the year of the regatta to get people thinking.  FB committee needs to interface with social, registration and marketing committees.   **See below for example and ideas of FB posts**


  • Recruit several “local” FB administrators to help post.  (High School Kids, Mom and Dads, yacht club volunteers, etc.)  The key to this is to get the “community” involved and posting on the FB page.  I see no reason spectators can’t help by posting videos of the roundings, social comments, weather updates, general regatta discussion, etc.


  • Twitter Strategy-link Facebook to Twitter, so when you post on FB it goes out to the Twitter as well.  Development is needed with how to work with Twitter better and to gain exposure via Twitter.

Facebook Post Ideas:

  • Registration Updates:   number of boats registered, when Andy or Harry or Buddy, etc. register, boats from the East Coast register, we have 10 boats from Michigan, Minnetonka, etc.  Post link to roster of sailors registered; post link to registration, link to social registration page, registration contests.


  • Sponsorship/Marketing:  Major and minor sponsor announcements, Green initiative updates, etc., Link to write-ups on the regatta in other publications, etc.


  • General Regatta Information (before, during, & after):   Social plans, updates on parties, bands booked, amount of tickets presold to any social event, deadlines on housing, deadline on registration, daily video recap, morning show video, videos of the party, etc.


  •  So much potential here. Go for it and get really creative with video and pictures and links.


  • Keep in Mind that Minnetonka had over 100K hits during the 2011 ILYA Championship regatta on FB, exposure and the amount of people watching is unlimited.  Let’s show people via Facebook how great our events can be.



1.     Facilities at or near Yacht Club/Regatta H.Q.

  • Parking for cars and trailers.
  • Facility for weighing yachts. The NCESA owns a certified scale.
  • Taxi boats as necessary.
  • Space for mooring yachts if wet-sailed regatta.
  • Space for mooring yachts at the lunch hour.
  • Space for sail measuring:  Outside normally; inside if rain.
  • Tables for registration and sale of lunch and dinner tickets.
  • Adequate bathroom facilities, including on water head boat(s) especially when the site does not lend itself to getting off the water for the lunch break.
  • Room for Protest Committee to meet and for hearing protests.
  • Secure space for Trophies, equipment and supplies to be stored.
  • Power source for sailors’ repairs.
  • WiFi for regatta administration and reporting


2.  Social Events & Food - Host Club will arrange the following:

  • For Friday night NCESA sponsored “Lean In” party with hors d'oeuvres and refreshments immediately following the last race. No cost to the competitors. NCESA to provide $4000 to the host club to provide for provisions.  
  • For Saturday night - Annual Banquet and tickets for sale.   Head table with 12 chairs and mike. $40 ticket price maximum is pricing goal in a venue with enough seating to accommodate all teams, committee members and volunteers of the event.  Goal is fun and affordable for all.
  • PA system with Microphone
  • Continental each morning, complimentary or for sale (discretionary).
  • Sailors lunches each day - for sale. Provide Lunches for principal Race Committee members.
  • Host club will arrange a place for the annual meeting of the NCESA. Host club is responsible for sale of tickets and collection of money for meals and social events.  Tickets should be available for sale at time of registration.  Host club is also responsible for printing any necessary maps and other information concerning social events.
  • Registrations and membership fees shall be collected separately as agent for NCESA.
  • Sponsorship is arranged by the host club to their benefit.



Important:  Principal Race/Protest Committee receives FREE tickets for Saturday dinner, and breakfast.  The ticket cost for the sailors should be adjusted for 12-18 free tickets for Judges and Race Committee personnel and their spouses.   The NCESA does not guarantee the financial arrangements of the meals or events.


3.  Housing - the policy of the NCESA is to keep the cost of housing as low as possible.  Housing in private homes is desirable, if practical (with preference to jury, race committee members, secretary-treasurer, and sailors coming the longest distance.)


4.  Concessions

  • The Host Club should arrange for sale of the following items in the clubhouse and at the registration desk:
    • Regatta wear
    • Protest flags, supplies, and equipment.
    • Pictures of the competitors’ boats.
  • The host club has the exclusive right to sell or arrange to sell food, liquor and beer.  However, subject to the host club’s budget situation, free beer for the immediate period after the day’s racing is a congenial practice.

5.  Committee and Other Boats - Host club will arrange:

  • 5 Race Committee Boats (plus one auxiliary, if possible).
  • 1 Jury Boat
  • 2 chase boats.
  • Also, provide adequate boats for rescue and spectating, including boats in the racing area with adequate toilet facilities for competitors to use between races.


Please advise as to the expected availability of rescue and spectator boats by June 1 so that sailor spectators can be encouraged or discouraged from bringing their own.  Launching and mooring facilities and gas for powerboats brought by sailor spectators are not the responsibility of the host club.  Information concerning the same should be supplied in the announcement and at the regatta site.


6.  Equipment – The NCESA has a trailer with all necessary race equipment to run the regatta. The Host club will provide a convenient place to park the trailer at headquarters to outfit RC boats. The Host club will arrange for the following race time items (Check with PRO):

  • Power hailers - at least 4.
  • Map and chart of lake. 
  • Some method of measuring length of legs. 
  • Extra gas cans and spare parts. 
  • Club may provide yellow material suitable for use by competitors as “I” Flags.
  • An adequate toilet facility for competitors on the water if returning to shore for relief is likely to be inconvenient.

7.  Equipment Needed at Regatta Headquarters - Host club will provide or arrange for:

  • A crane or other structure to hang the NCESA scale from to weigh boats.
  • Bulletin board for notices.
  • Scoreboard with hooks or equipment for posting race results.
  • Lead to sell underweight boats, or an access to a local source.
  • Wireless Internet access for registration, scoring, regatta reports, competitor use, and general communication. 

8.   Assign a person to fulfill the Social Media Guidelines above.


9.   The NCESA Will Provide the Following:

  • All Perpetual trophies. It will also pay for traveling awards that are chosen and approved in partnership between the host club and NCESA
  • Up-to-date membership lists.
  • Printed forms:
    • Entry blanks.
    • Sailing Instructions.
    • Weight cards.
    • Score cards.
    • Protest forms.
    • Buoy rounding and recording forms.
  • NCESA regatta flag.
  • Scale to weigh boats





    By January 1:


  • Submit a draft budget to the NCESA Rules Committee to align understanding and expectations for both organizations.


  • Select personnel for the following suggested committees and supply NCESA with names, addresses, phone & text msg numbers, and email.
    • Overall person in charge of host club’s arrangements.
    • Social events.
    • Breakfast and lunches at Club.
    • Equipment & Race Committee boats.
    • Housing - Camping.
    • Launching, weighing, registrations, personnel.
    • Produce and transmit preliminary budget to NCESA Sect/Treas.
    • A regatta reporter to write TIMELY articles for publication about the ongoing event and results.
    • A person to update social media feeds about the regatta before, during, and after the event. 
  • Supply NCESA with names of possible local people, if any, to serve as members of the Race Committee and Protest Committee.  NCESA, with assistance of the host club, will appoint all Race Committee and Protest Committee members.


  • Supply general estimate of expected availability of equipment, personnel, housing and camping, parking, food, bathrooms, and any expected problems due to local conditions.


  • Make rough estimate of number of persons who can be accommodated in private homes.
  • NOTE:  Race Committee and Protest Committee personnel provide their own transportation and housing and receive no compensation for their services. However, the NCESA may to enter into a contract for service as they deem necessary.  They should be given first preference on available housing in private homes.  They receive free tickets to all events and free lunch tickets.  That cost should be included in event budget.


    By June 1:


  • Supply NCESA with the following items for printing in the official notice of the regatta:
    • Map of lake/bay area showing roads, yacht club location, etc.
    • Directions to yacht club and launching areas from freeways.
    • If wet-sailed regatta, whether sailors must bring own anchors.
    • Optional safety equipment required by local conditions.
    • List of motels and accommodations.
    • Location and availability of campsites.
    • Name, address, and phone number of persons to assist in housing.
    • Any other information on the area, such as ferry boats, airports, etc.
    • Place to launch power boats and to get gas.
    • Desirability of bringing power boats.
    • Availability of sail and boat repair.
  • Supply NCESA with name of other members of committees and progress report on arrangements.


  • Supply NCESA with the following information for the Sailing Instructions:
    • Map of sailing area - mooring area - camera ready.
    • Names of local officials such as Commodore and others whose names should appear in the regatta information.


  • NOTE:  Information on motels and camping should include distance from yacht club/mooring area, number of rooms, cost, directions for locating and any other pertinent information.
  • Permits, etc. host club will arrange:
    • All permits to use lake/bay for the event.
    • Notify all local officials concerning the regatta and obtain any necessary permission for parking, launching, etc.
    • Medical emergency arrangements and procedures, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Publicity -   local newspapers alerted.   Secure a person to write the report of the regatta for the REPORTER magazine
  • Photographs - It will be of great interest if local photographers can be induced to take pictures and sell them to participants.  NCESA may itself utilize those pictures for its publications.  Coordinate with NCESA Secretary, as often a professional photographer will make arrangements with the NCEA to be in attendance.


    On Day before First Race:

  • Place suitable signs to guide incoming sailors.
  • Set up table for registration and sale of tickets.  Three people needed plus substitutes.  Separate stations needed for entries, membership, and meal tickets.
  • Clear area for sail measuring and keep clear until measuring is set up.  One assistant needed.
  • Assemble weighing and launching crew as local conditions require.  One chief and assistants as needed.  Relief crews also needed.
  • Arrange for all committee boats to assemble at HQ for installation of equipment prior to the first scheduled practice race.
  • Have at least one person available to pick up officials coming by air, etc.
  • Check out all equipment to be used.
  • Set up Official Regatta Notice Board.
  • Hold a practice race for competitors using the same race committee personnel, equipment, and procedures that will be used for the Championship event. This should be considered a practice session for RC staff also (many who are new each time) and familiarization for the competitors.