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Local E Fleet Results


The links below are to local race results/fleets. Please help me keep these up to date. If the link below is out of date, please send the correct link to Lon Schoor. Thank you.
Club/Lake Region* State Designator Local Race Results
Annapolis ECESA MD AH
Augusta At-Large GA GA  
Bay Head ECESA NJ BH Results
Boyne City WMYA MI BX Results
Brant Beach ECESA NJ BB Results
Carlyle At-Large IL S Results
Cedar Lake, IN WMYA IN CL
Cedar Lake, WI ILYA WI A
Charleston At-Large SC SC
Chautauqua Lake ECESA NY CH Results
Clear Lake ILYA IA Z Results
Big Cormorant ILYA MN BC
Crystal WMYA MI CR Results
Delavan ILYA WI D Results
Geneva ILYA WI I Results
Grand Lake At-Large CO GL Results
Grand Rapids WMYA MI  G  
Green Lake ILYA WI L
Gull Lake ILYA MN GL
Hopatcong ECESA NJ HO Results
Indian Lake WMYA ID ID
Island Heights ECESA NJ IH Results
Kegonsa ILYA WI  KG  
Keuka ECESA NY KU Results
Lavallette ECESA NJ LA Results
Little Egg Harbor ECESA NJ LE
Macatawa Bay WMYA  MI MB  
Manasquan River ECESA NJ MR
Mantaloking ECESA NJ MA Results
Mendota ILYA WI H Results
Minnetonka ILYA MN M Results
Muskegon WMYA MI MU
Nagawicka ILYA WI N
North Sand Lake ILYA MN NS
Ocean Gate ECESA NJ OG
Okoboji ILYA IA E
Oshkosh ILYA WI O Results
Pewaukee ILYA WI V Results
Pigeon Lake, Canada At-Large Canada PI
Pine ILYA WI X Results
Royal Lake of the Woods At-Large Canada RL
Rush Creek ILYA TX TC
Sarasota At-Large FL SF Results
Seaside Park ECESA NJ SS Results
Shore Acres ECESA NJ SA Results
Shrewsbury Sailing ECESA NJ SR Results
Spring Lake WMYA MI SL Results
Toms River ECESA NJ T Results
Torch WMYA MI TO Results
Tulsa At-Large OK OK
Upper Minnetonka ILYA MN UM
Wawasee WMYA ID WA Results
White Bear ILYA MN WA Results
White Lake WMYA MI WH Results

ILYA = Inland Lake Yachting Association
ECESA = Eastern Class E Scow Association
MWYA = Western Michigan Yachting Association
At-Large = all clubs not associatied with one of the above